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If you adventure or are living on the road part-time or full time and your a human, a Kula cloth is a necessity. Why do you need one?

- Allows you to follow Leave No Trace principles

- Keeps your private parts healthy & clean

- You only need one thing & only thing only


Antipodes divine face oil is just that, divine! This is the only thing I use on my face and I love it. I used to struggle with really bad acne my entire life and have scars. This oil has helped decrease my scars and nourish my face so it has a glamours acne-free glow. 


OKAY folks I am very passionate about teeth! 98% of people brush their teeth TOO hard and use a plastic toothbrush. This is a serious issue because around 6million plastic toothbrush's end up in the landfill, not to mention, your gums health deteriorates when you brush too hard. This toothbrush has saved my oral health & the planet and I highly recommend it. 


The Alchemist is by far one of my favourite books ever. I always carry it around with me in my van and refer to it often. If you are ever feeling lost, uncertain, inferior, or scared about your journey in life, then this is a MUST read. 


The Diva Cup has revolutionized my period. Before I started using the Diva Cup, living in a van and adventuring all the time was really uncomfortable. Now, it honestly is no issue at all. Not only do you barely realize you have your period but you feel clean, comfortable, healthy, and you save the planet. No waste, no discomfort, no feeling gross. I will never go back to using anything else.