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The Humans Of Vanlife

Welcome to Humans Of Vanlife, the most raw, authentic, and diverse podcast from the road. Our mission is to travel around and share the stories of fellow nomads who are living an alternative lifestyle.

“Our generation is making changes. We are re-creating, re-defining- nothing is staying the same. We are pushing down walls and creating new ones” - Nikky 


Why I started this Podcast

During my final practicum in Nursing, I had a harsh realization: the same people I was caring for in the clinic were the same people who were sleeping beside me. Unfortunately these humans experienced great amounts of stigma and oppression because of the judgements people placed on them. I began to feel really frustrated about this because I too experienced some stigma from others until I told them that I was a Student Nurse, and then their entire demeanour changed and they seemed to appreciate me. My friends, who slept beside me, did not have this opportunity, the privilege was not there for them. I decided then and there that I wanted to start a podcast called HUMANS of VANLIFE where I would create a platform for humans to share both their voices and stories and hopefully people would begin to learn that there is much more to people than just their looks or current state of living. 

My podcast means so much to me. It has provided me the opportunity to hold space for people in a sacred way and has helped me learn so much about myself. For example, I too am guilty of ‘judging a book by its cover’ and have learnt to take the time to get to know people before making assumptions or judgments about who they are. Additionally, through this journey I have learnt that every human being desires two things:  love and belonging, and when people feel as though they are seen and heard, healing happens. This podcast has grown significantly and touched many people's lives. I now have 28 episodes and no end in sight. 


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